Monday, January 7

Take one jar of mincemeat...

Without a walk-in wardrobe style pantry a la Nigella I need to burn through the leftover mincemeat. It was so good at the time: 3 hours of slow cooking treating us to a Christmas Cologne worthy of Jo Malone. Turns out a little mincemeat goes a long way, and at least 50 mince pies later I am left with multiple jars of the fruited sticky stuff.
Calling Brussels:  We have a mincemeat mountain.

The 'Dealing with the leftovers' chapter in recipe books is confined to the Christmas dinner itself. Curries, frittatas, bubble and squeak - all perfectly good solutions, but I am looking for the something a little more niche. How do you deal with 5 jars of spiced, sugared, brandied fruit and peel?

A cake? A tart? Baked with fruit?

Ideas please!

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