Thursday, September 15

Messy Pasta

Messy pasta.

Some people say dogs look like their owners. May I suggest that dinners bear some reflection of their creator too? I am not suggesting I look like a piece of fusilli or even my non-holidayed skin the complexion of this dinner’s salmon but the narrative of the plate: mess, does, I am not ashamed to admit rather reflect the conditions in which it was made.

I am sometimes asked how I ‘cope’ with three children under five. I think ‘muddle’ is perhaps the operative word rather than ‘cope’. As I survey my scene I am surrounded by tripping hazards, aka toys, washing (by the way so few clothes actually need ironing. Try it, you may be converted to The Messy Side), books, and even a bottle of suncream (a conflict of optimism vs paranoia). So the answer is I mess my way through. And that brings us neatly onto dinner. Who needs two pans to wash up when you can have one? Granted the result is not beautiful, but it is quick, filling and can be made PDQ. Who needs The Third Way when you can have The Messy Way (trademark pending)?

Messy pasta

300g pasta (I used wholemeal which takes around 12 minutes to cook.)
2 salmon fillets
Juice of one lemon
Tsp dill (I used dried , but obviously fresh would be extra nice)
1 head of broccoli
2 cloves of garlic
1 saucepan

1. Bring to the boil a large pan of water
2. Whilst water is heating cut the broccoli into florets. Feel free to use as much of the stalks as you wish, just slice finely.
3. Take the skin off the salmon if it has any and cut into chunks (not too small or it will flake away)
4. Once water has boiled add the pasta, garlic and broccoli.
5. When pasta has around 5 minutes remaining add the chunks of salmon.
6. Drain pasta at 12 minutes and stir through lemon juice and dill. You may want to loosen up with some pasta water or a little olive oil. You will find the broccoli has over cooked and has become nice and mushy, and like magic it makes its own sauce.

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