Monday, October 3

Rice with prawns and rocket

Have you noticed how the word ‘authentic’ has become one of the buzzwords of 2016? In fact, how ‘authentic’ (or maybe that should be ‘authenticism’) has become a movement in itself. The backlash against the polished, elite establishment, stuffed with vested interests, opaque protocol and closed doors has been seized upon by a new crowd. The New Authentics. But this is 2016, years of spin are now in our collective psyche. Perhaps New Authenticism is the ultimate PR coup?

We all want to be part of The Authentic Crowd don’t we? Y’know projecting our lives as just a bit starrier than they actually are whilst still appearing totally real. It’s the positive opposite of that feeling you get when you tell a lie, but you base it one grain of truth and therefore justify it as Not So Bad. Start from a position of truth, add some fakery and hey presto: we’re in with the In Crowd. 

 Who doesn’t curate their Facebook profile? Hazy smiley snaps, witty asides, all crafted to appear o so casual, oh so authentic. Like a living CV for a comms agency. 

Batiste, the life changing dry shampoo isn’t the wonder product of the decade for nothing, who would turn down the opportunity to FAKE washing their hair. And choose the odour to leave your hair tided over with. Tropical please. 

In our house, we’ve notched up the fakeometer to a new level: we’ve done away with REAL grass and replaced it with the greengrocers stuff. Honestly.

And finally, the food. This preamble serves a (loose) purpose you know, so in keeping with our theme I bring to you the latest product to enter the mainstream. Microwave rice. A cheats way to the perfect way. New Authentic Rice.

Rice with prawns and rocket

Serves 2

1 packet of microwave wholegrain rice
Large handful of rocket
Bunch of spring onions
Zest and juice of one lemon
Packet of jumbo prawns
Sprinkling of pumpkin seeds
Whatever herbs you fancy, basil, parsley etc

1. Heat some olive oil in a large frying or saute pan, and add the chopped spring onions. Cook low until softened and sweetened, approx 10 mins.
2. Whilst the onion are cooking blast the rice as per the packet in the microwave, usually around 2 minutes.
3. Once onions are cooked, stir through the rice and add the punch of rocket. Keep the heat fairly low and wilt the rocket. If you have  lid the rocket will wilt quickly.
4. Add the prawns , lemon Zest and juice, pumpkin seeds and any herbs you wish. Mix together and heat for further few minutes until everything is warmed, serve immediately.

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