Monday, March 20

Date, orange and almond salad

So I have absolutely lost the plot on whether fruit is good.

Making the case for the virtue of fruit is the fact it’s fresh food, and fresh food always trumps vacuum packed and anything that’s been marinated in xantham gum. It’s an official part of the 5 a day after all. ‘An apple a day’ and various nursery rhymes riffing on plums make fruit part of the heritage of our language as well as our food history. I am sure that carries weight when we’re mid cross examination and an orange segment sits mournfully in the dock.

But against fruit and it’s a biggie this.. . Is fruit just basically DRESSED UP SUGAR, and we all know sugar is EVIL. It’s practically a swear word now. God forbid if you eat a biscuit sweetened by sugar and not say...dates. In fact let’s rename sugar, much as actors refer to ‘the scottish play’, us eaters may now only refer to the S word, as ‘the sweet stuff’. I was going to say ‘white stuff’, but is that some kind of surf label? I obviously wouldn’t know, having only done ‘bodyboarding’ once on holiday in 1990.

So who knows if a salad that contains fruit may as well be a salad that contains a packet of Love Hearts. As I say I am confused. MEGA confused. No idea who to trust or where to turn on this? The news opines for both sides so regularly I am left in a fug. And isn’t all news fake these days anyway? How to spot fake news is apparently going to appear on the curriculum, I hope kids are also learning some hardcore nutrition theory, they’re sure going to need it as they sift through the fake news in their struggle to reach an informed view on whether fruit is nectar for the soul or just The Sweet Stuff.

So I am going to go with Jack Horner. Stick with fruit as a good thing and hope that Rocket  sprinkled with a packet of (fruit flavoured) Skittles wouldn’t have offered a like for like nutritional alternative for this rather tasty salad.

Date, orange and almond salad

Serves 2

Packet of rocket
Handful of almonds
1 orange cut into chunks
10 or so date chopped into quarters

I am not sure I can really provide a recipe. I think that would be overstating it, just throw together and dress to your taste (I recommend some kind of oil/balsamic combo, or you could try a packet of Tangfastics)

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